Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Top: J. Crew // Belt: Target // Pants: ESPRIT // Shoes: Cole Haan Air "Violet"  // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Mini Convertible (Gilt) // Bracelet: BaubleBar Rainbow Stud Wrap

Confession: I've had these gray pants since 2001. As in I bought them during my senior year of high school specifically for spring break when I acted like a complete and total tourist in Italy's most famed churches.  I do not mess around with dress codes when it comes to churches and I was more than happy to keep my knees and shoulders covered. 

The pants then got "lost" in a box for who knows how many years and I'm glad to say I've found them! They're probably more appropriate for my 29 year-old self than my 18 year-old past and I'm happy to have them back in my closet. 

Recently I've had my eye on an adorable little Rebecca Minkoff clutch that was on sale at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Well that yellow lover is sold out online and out of stock at my local Nordstrom. However, I did get an email notification from Gilt regarding a massive Rebecca Minkoff sale.  I told the hubs, "dude, I'm buying a purse today, will keep you posted."

Thank goodness he's okay with my craziness.

I've been looking for a black purse because oddly enough I don't have a black purse that can be worn over the shoulder and that bad boy comes with an over the shoulder strap.  That quilted leather, studded, beauty was on sale for $299 (down from $595!) and I had a coupon from Gilt for an extra $75 off.  It still amazes me given my proclivities for online shopping and bargain hunting that I hadn't previously made a Gilt purchase, but I deemed it fate that Gilt sent me a coupon enticing me to make my first purchase when there was  Rebecca Minkoff boutique primed for the plucking.

Come on, spending $229.95 on a gorgeous purchase isn't that bad especially given I'm wearing eleven year old pants! Honestly, I still have a few things in my closet that are from high school and that buys me points with the hubs because he knows if I buy something I'm going to hang out to it forever.

Okay, that's enough fashion talk! Jax needs to be spoiled and it's a drool-filled job, but someone has got to do it! 

Any fashion scores lately?  I'm officially on shopping lock down now, but I can live vicariously through the deals of others! 


  1. Work it girl!!!! Your hair is getting so long!!! Miss you!

    1. Thanks! I know I need to get it cut, but I don't trust myself to say anything but, "chop it off!"

  2. LOVE that gorgeous new bag Heidi - definitely worth the splurge! And your red heels are awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Thank you! I tell people I could play basketball in those Cole Haan shoes and they look at me weird.

  3. Wonderful post! I love RM, and you wear her bag well! I'm glad you found a great deal...LOVE Gilt. Fab choice.