Friday, August 3, 2012

July 2012 Mileage

I ran 121 miles in July and I'm pretty darn pleased with myself.  Running in the heat and humidity sucks plain and simple.  The miles have been slow and difficult, but lately a lot of them have been in the dark.  I never realized how late the sun comes up in the morning, but every week it's getting darker for longer on my morning runs.

Then, there was that nasty bout with chub rub.  There's nothing like running 16 miles and having your inner thighs rub through your BodyGlide for the last 10 miles.  The only thing that made me feel worse was when I went shopping for spandex with the hubs and there were only size smalls left.

Dude actually said, "that's funny because from what you told me the people who wear size smalls don't need those things."

Enter death stare.

Hubs response to my death stare, "I"m just going to walk away."

Me, "Yeah, why don't you just do that buddy."

Don't worry, we're cool.

Here's the plan for the next marathon:

  • July - Get back in running shape - COMPLETED!
  • August - Keep the mileage up and introduce strength training
  • September - Rotate long runs of 20 miles and introduce some speed work
  • October - stay healthy and enjoy the taper

How's your running going?  What event are you gearing up for next?

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