Wednesday, August 8, 2012

That don't impress me much

I believe kids go through a stage where they are not impressed by anything.  Thankfully, by time I get around to having kids I'll have a decade of putting up with my dog's bored-with-me-demeanor. I swear, Jewels thinks she's too fancy for my life sometimes! 

Case in point: the hubs and I bought a new couch in July and it just got delivered last week.  After months of searching we went with the Z Gallerie Harrison Sofa.  (I almost write Harrison Ford Sofa every time!).  It's gray/green, sturdy, tufted, modern, and made in the USA.  In a nutshell, we love everything about it. Bonus points: there isn't a Z Gallerie in Maryland, so the hubs and I decided to buy our couch online and skip having to pay sales tax rather than drive down to Virginia and buy our couch in store. That adds up on an expensive item like a couch!

Don't forget, Z Gallerie always offers 10% off full price furniture orders with coupon code FURN10.

Jewels, on the other hand, really doesn't seem to care.  She's probably ticked because she had our ugly, old, beige, couch broken-in completely and now we went and bought a super firm couch that probably isn't as conducive to her for nestling as the old lumpy couch.  But it is super firm and that's just how we like our couches to be!

I think the only thing Jewels likes is firmly planting herself dead square in the middle of the couch.  There's nothing like having a 98inch wide couch taken up by a 13.5lb dog.

Our living room looks a bit disheveled at the moment.  I absolutely detest our coffee table and cannot wait to be rid of it.  It has a wood veneer top frame, which frayed and looks terrible.  The hubs and I will never buy another piece of furniture that contains wood veneers again.  So we need a new coffee table, end tables, side chair, paint, and artwork.  It's going to be a while to get this room in shape, but the couch was the first step towards in that process.

I'm sure whenever we bring in something new to the house Jewels will just roll her eyes and run off to find a sunny spot to sun herself in and wish she was raised by a family that owned a house in the south of France.  There's no impressing that dog!


  1. This post cracked me up! Love the couch and love the pics of my girl Jewels :)

    1. I think she only likes me when I'm wearing heels and acting fancy :)

  2. THAT is one amazing sofa! I absolutely love it - great job picking it out. Jewels is too cute :).

    1. Thanks and it's actually really comfortable.

  3. Hey there,
    I was googling around and found your blog because we too are looking at the Harrison and the Brighton. Did you by chance look at that one too? How did you decide on the Harrison?

    Also, I'm looking at your pictures and the top of the sofa looks ripply - is that just the picture or do the back cushions not hold their shape well?

    It's funny that you mention going to Virginia because I'm in PA and I'm totally driving down this week to sit on the sofa before we decide. :-)

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