Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11: A Moment of Silence

View of Manhattan from the World Trade Center observation deck in 2000. Photo taken by my father on our yearly pilgrimage to the various tourist attractions of NYC. 

I had to turn the radio off this morning because the morning talk show was sharing where they were that Tuesday morning in 2001. "Where were you when you heard about the attack?" All it took was one story to be transported back in my mind to a very dark place. Being in college - scared and seemingly alone.  The only time in my entire life I told a friend to smoke a cigarette because she could see the smoke from the Pentagon. Worried about friends and family in NYC. I'm an adult now and I still can't make sense of any of it. 

But I know to never forget. We owe it to those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones to never forget. 

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