Friday, September 5, 2014

Football Season: Made in America

Welcome back football season! The hubs and I are heading to the Ravens home opener this Sunday and we have a few more games lined up this year. Which means it's time for tailgating, purple & black nail polish, spiked drinks, flannel scarves, and the ever demanding task of dressing for a cold weather game. I call my attire "snowmobile chic" when it gets to those primetime games in December.

Of course when I'm home or anywhere away from M&T Bank Stadium I'm all about my New York Football Giants. It's just rough being married to an Eagles fan, but we make it work.

Since it's known around the world as "American Football" it only makes sense to wear USA made clothing at the games. I've got my eyes on a bomber jacket for those fall games where layering is enjoyable and a necessity.

Who's going to a game this weekend? And who's excited to have football back on TV?

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