Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Made in USA: Fall Craving

I don't care if tomorrow's weather forecast calls for another 90+ degree day. I wore a jacket earlier this week and if that's not a sure fire sign of fall then I don't know what is anymore. Hopefully this fall I can stray away ever so slightly from my patented black/white, stripes, and polka dots color scheme. Oh wait, that's how I roll every season. Whoops!

However, this year becomes the year I finally buy a pair of coated denim. It's happening. I feel it. There are too many amazing made in the USA coated denim options out there to ignore. Now I just need to muster up the strength to try on 20+ pairs in one weekend. I apologize in advance to any salesperson who has to deal with me taking 8 items in and bringing back 7 or 8. It's jeans, we've all been there. I feel like they should just stock jeans in the dressing room and have a area designated for people trying to find the best jeans for their butt.

Also, can we officially welcome back plaid and flannel season? My hubs is ecstatic.

What are you craving for fall?

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