Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Made in USA Men's Gift Ideas

Randolph Engineering Aviators ($129) //Sword and Plough Leather Key Fob ($35) //  Weiss Watch Co. Standard Issue Field Watch ($795) // Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask ($199) // Vermont Flannel Company Plaid Scarf ($20) // Allen Edmonds Money Clip ($52) // JJ Weston Cufflinks ($57) // Blue Claw Company Duck Island Dopp ($65) //

If I may say in my qualified expert opinion as a woman who always hangs out "with the guys" there is one thing I can't stand about men - they routinely avoid splurging on themselves. That doesn't mean they won't buy something nice for themselves every once in a while, but overall they tend to stick with a wallet that has holes in the corner or a pair of shoes that has worn a little thin. I think it's because they're dudes and they don't think they're supposed to own as many wallets as women have purses (duh) or shoes (bigger duh).

With that in mind - spoil a man in your life this holiday season. Go big and get him an every day watch he can wear for the rest of his life. Or get him that shiny, non-collegiate logo adorned, copper flask. Get him a pair of rugged shades or a proper pair of cufflinks. Or finally upgrade his sorry looking key chain and get him a classic leather fob. Okay fine, you can borrow the scarf and dopp kit bag, but you should get them with him in mind.

Chances are the men in your life deserve a little splurge every now in then.