Monday, December 2, 2013

Gingham and Python

 Made in USA: Gingham Shirt: Tradlands // Jeans: J Brand, old (similar) // Purse: Coach, vintage (similar) // Nails: Essie "Eternal Optimist" // Shades: Oakley (on sale!) // 

Imported: Velvet Blazer: J Crew, old (made in USA option, gorgeous green option) // Shoes: Delman made in Italy (similar

Three things:

First, it's officially December which means winter is practically here and I can break out the irrationally large number of velvet clothing items I own.  Insert copious amounts of happiness here. The hubs thinks I'm crazy, but I am drawn to velvet. Love it and wish I could wear it year round.

Second, after a tad bit too much indulgence of mashed potatoes, turkey, bourbon, and peanut butter pie over the Thanksgiving holiday I'm going to have to give up skinny jeans until the end of the year for a few weeks. Or perhaps this is my post-marathon eating binge that always happens when I introduce gluten back into my diet. Whatever it is I'm all about the trouser jeans at the moment. Thankfully I've got a trusty, old, pair to get me through the rest of the sweet treat season.

Finally, I had a momentary panic attack when I was trying to rationalize that I could wear both gingham and python print patterned items and not look crazy.  The hubs was kind enough to point out that the additional patterned item wouldn't be the thing that outed my craziness.  He such a way with words!

How as your holiday weekend? Score any major deals? We bought new appliances, hardwood floors, and a few gifts. I imagine we'll be getting a phone call from our bank in a day or so asking if we've noticed any fraudulent activity on our credit cards :)


  1. I love the accessories that you paired with this outfit!

    1. Thank you! I used to be very anti-yellow gold, but it has been growing on me these past few months.

  2. This is absolutely STUNNING! Love it!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. such a great combo. Those pants are seriously amazing. You look extra fabulous, love. xo

  4. Rockin' those jeans, girl! Great look on you. I behaved myself (kind of) over the weekend in terms of shopping... Exciting to hear about your new home purchases! :-)

  5. Um, I am in live with this jacket, gingham & python.!! Crazy fun mix!!! I hear ya on the added LBS over the holiday. I ate like it was my job!!!!

  6. gingham and python is an unexpected combination that works! The trouser jeans really suit you :)

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