Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Made in USA Plaid

Fall is officially here! There were a few rough weeks where the weather was a bit erratic, but now the weather has cooled and it's time to bring on fall's greatest print - plaid! Whether you want a little plaid or a lot there are plenty of made in the USA plaid items available.

My hubs is a huge hoarder fan of plaid and his plaid collection far outnumbers mine. I wish I could steal a few of his broken in plaid shirts, but alas that's just not in the cards. Now, if anyone buys him that plaid hat or scarf well then it's game on and I could totally "borrow" those beauties.

What's your favorite plaid piece in your wardrobe? Are you looking to pick up anymore plaid now that the weather has finally cooled to seasonally appropriate temperatures?

1 comment:

  1. Love! As you know, I'm all about my plaid flannel scarf and shirts.