Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Made Sweatshirts You Can Wear in Public

Top: Milly //  Bailley44 // Gibson // 

Every once in a while the fashion rules make being fashionable a tad bit more comfortable. I'm not talking Uggs, because I don't think those things every looked good, but rather the latest trend of fancy sweatshirts has got me grinning like a fool. 

Bring on the silk sleeves, leather paneling, sequins, texture, embellished necklines, and bows! This isn't your old college sweatshirt, but rather the current sweatshirt trend is more polished, yet comfortable. I like a sweatshirt that can go from nap time to cocktail time in nanoseconds. 

Which one is your favorite? If I had to pick (and this is like picking a favorite pair of shoes) then I'd have to go with the Bailey44 in the top middle. Sequins + raglan sleeves. Yes please!

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