Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday Grandma!

My sweet grandma turned 80 this past February.  Normally, planning a large family gathering in the middle of winter would be a logistical nightmare, so my aunt decided to post-pone the big formal party until the summer time when travel would be easier. Don't worry, there was still a party for grandma in February! She's so cool she gets TWO parties for her birthday.

This weekend my brother and I road tripped back up to NY and NJ for a quick weekend with the family and lots of laughter.  Mother nature threw a monkey wrench into our plans with a tornado and hail filled storm on Friday night, so we didn't depart until early Saturday morning.  Two authentic NY pizzas later we arrived in style for lunch on Saturday. Throw in a black and white cookie later and I was good to go.  Oh, my sister and I baking mini German Chocolate Cupcakes for grandma's party certainly didn't damper the mood.

Being in a red head majority was awesome :)

Sunday morning my dad, sister, nephew, and I ran a local 5k. Full post on that coming tomorrow.

Then, it was down to NJ to meet up with crazy family members from as far as Colorado and Texas to celebrate grandma's 80th birthday.  It was hilarious to hear the five remaining kids, out of ten,  argue about who came next in birth order. I think I yelled at one point, "everyone pick a number and stick with it!"

TEN KIDS! My hips hurt just thinking about it. Whew, my great-grandma must have been a crazy broad.  Looks like it runs in the family.  Add in some good food, adorable little kids, a whole lot of family members and it was an amazing weekend.  I hadn't seen some of my far-flung family members since I was a little kid and it was kind of funny to hear, "which one are you?"  My sister, cousin, and I all have red hair, yet my sister and cousin looked like the sister pairing, so I usually get mistaken for my cousin! It's all good, no worries.

One of the perks of spending 10+ combined hours in a car with one's brother is you get to ask him the really uncomfortable questions. Like, why haven't you and your on- and off-again girlfriend of three years been able to figure it out yet?  He was trapped in my Prius and knew he had to answer that question!

Anyone else meet up with family over the weekend? Run any races? Road trip anywhere?

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