Friday, June 22, 2012

Baltimore 10 Miler: 2012 Edition

Last Saturday the hubs and I woke up too early on a Saturday morning for his liking (5:45am) and then headed over to the Maryland Zoo for the start of the Baltimore 10 Miler.

I'll be completely honest, I haven't been running enough recently to warrant racing ten miles.  Then, the weather forecast called for a hot and muggy day and I decided that this was going to be a fun run!

Two amazing things did happen on Saturday morning: the hubs not only came to a race, but he actually took pictures!  The guy hates cameras and I was so impressed he actually snapped a few pictures.

I'm actually in that picture above! It's like Where's Waldo game.

The race started ten minutes late because of a traffic accident on the course.  That was just ten more minutes the world had to get warmer!

I thought it was really cool that the first wave was actually a wave only of police officers who were running the race.  It was an amazing way to honor the folks who work to keep Baltimore safe.

The leaders.

First time seeing the hubs on course! I think I might have snuck up on him :)

Went old school and wore my old college soccer warm-up tank top. During the race people kept cheering, "let's go Wesleyan!"  At the finish line someone yelled out, "Go Bobcats!" and we found each other at the finish festival.  Turns out he was an '86 alumni and just wanted to know if our little West Virginia town looked the same.  It was fun chatting with him for a few minutes and reminiscing about our college days.

Post race! You gotta love any race that gives you not one, but two beer coupons on your bib!  I totally forgot to take a picture of the race premium, but it's a gorgeous white long-sleeve with a half-zipper pullover.  It's going to be a favorite come fall marathon training time.

Okay, one thing I am not good at doing is downing two beers prior to 10am.  It's just not my thing. Thankfully I have a beer drinking backup!

Overall: a good time! My slowest 10 mile time yet, but it was deserved because I just haven't been doing any mileage lately.  I hope to get back next year and tackle the hills a bit better.  They're everywhere you run in Baltimore!  

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