Monday, February 1, 2010

Weather forecast = fail

Have you ever noticed that the weather forecast crew can be so off based so frequently, or so it seems, and yet, still be gainfully employed? Then again, if you were a major league batter and you averaged a hit 3 out of 10 trips to the plate over the course of your career, well, you'd have Hall of Fame numbers. Now, I don't know about you, but if I only succeeded at my job as often as professional baseball players and weather reporters, it seems I'd probably be out of my job. So much for picking the right career path!

It just strikes me as odd because it seems so many news channels proclaim that their station provides, "the accurate forecast." I wonder if a weather person's family members even bother asking for a weather forecast at the dinning room table?

There were rumblings at the beginning of last week for a chance of snow this past weekend. Once that rumor hit the water cooler it seemed everyone started playing a game of, "I heard we were going to get *** inches of snow." Seriously, it's like a giant fish story, someone always hears of a larger snow forecast.

By mid-week the rumblings were telling a different story and saying that the storm was going to stay to the south and the greater Baltimore area was only going to receive a dusting of snow.

Enter Saturday, 11am- it starts snowing.

Enter Saturday, 4pm- the hubs takes the dogs outside and cleans the 4-6 inches of snow off of our sidewalks and cars.

Sure, because 4-6 inches of snow might be considered a "dusting" in some areas, but we don't live in one of those areas. I'm only slightly bitter because I've been feeling under the weather (pun not intended) all weekend and I didn't even want to go outside and spend a second in the snow. The hubs was concerned.

At least Jax had a good time:

Jewels, not so much:

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