Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stuck in Denver

An incredible opportunity presented itself at my job within the past 10 days. An incredible opportunity that required quite a bit of travel, a whole bunch of nerves, and the willingness to say, "I am not 100% sure of the answer to your question, but I will confirm the answer and get back to you."

So, for my career I put my nerves to the wall and boarded a plane for Memphis on Tuesday morning. It was a race against time to beat the arrival of the 4th snowstorm to hit Baltimore within 10 days. Of course, this latest storm was the second region-crippling storm to hit the area within five days. I believe I was on one of the last flights to make it out of BWI before the airport shut down.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later I landed in Memphis, TN.

Four hours and 31 minutes later I arrived at my destination of Denver, CO.

Unfortunately, I landed in Denver just before sunset and I didn't get to fully appreciate the sun setting over the enormously beautiful Rockie Mountains.

I will say this about Denver- you certainly don't "feel" like you're a mile up in the air. Everything is so flat you imagine yourself just above sea level. There isn't a gradual slope to the Rockies, instead they rise out of the earth like a true force to be reckon with.

But, they are beautiful.

Then, to add injury to insult my entire Wednesday included sitting in the basement of a very nice hotel in downtown Denver. The only time I ventured outside was to run across the street and fetch a cup of coffee at one of the numerous Starbucks locations. I didn't even get to gaze upon the Rockies.

But, I'm snowed in. Not because a major snowstorm has hit the Rockies, but instead because the same storm that I raced against to get out of has still crippled the east coast. BWI is closed, my flight home has been canceled. I'm "trapped" in a city that I've never even seen in broad daylight. I've been put on a later flight, but the travel agent laughed when she booked me,"maybe you'll make it home before Friday."

It hasn't even been two days and I miss my husband terribly. He's been traveling for work recently and I haven't seen him all that often. Now, it's my turn to travel for work. This week I'm in Denver, next week I'm in Florida and then Indianapolis and Phoenix, while he goes to Fort Polk, LA. I miss him. I thought one perk of getting married was seeing each other all the time. I thought I didn't have to sleep by myself anymore. I miss snuggling. I miss fighting for the bathroom in the morning. Sadly enough, we won't spend a whole two weeks together until later in March and even possibly April.

In the meantime, anyone have any suggestions of things to do in Denver? I'm going to be here all day tomorrow and I might as well get out of the Marriott confines and see a bit of the city.


  1. I'm sorry you got snowed in. That stinks that you have to be away from your husband so much lately. I would hate that too. I can't offer any advice about what to in Denver, I haven't been their yet. I hope you have safe travels.


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