Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fabulous Find

You may or may not have already discovered this cool little website and if you have already visited, well I apologize for giving you the link... again.

One of my weaknesses is definitely experimenting with color. My decor, wardrobe and even my dogs all fall within various monochromatic schemes. Let's just say that the hubs does a better job of mixing colors than I do. My biggest problem is I listen to that old adage that red heads can't wear red (or shouldn't wear red, because so few of us actually look good in it). So there goes red. Then, add in pink, just because I loathe pink. Of course pulling off orange and yellow is rather difficult as well, so there goes those two colors. You can see where this ends up going. It leaves me with a whole lot of black, gray, and white in my closet, which isn't terrible because we all know that black is slimming.

This is all hilarious because I'm sitting in my spare bedroom and I notice that the carpet and bedding are all various forms of blue. Crap, I just realized that there are probably four complimentary shades of brown in my living room. I am the most boring person ever. Honestly, the only decor item that I have that doesn't fall into my room's various monochromatic schemes are the throw pillows I made last month. My house is so boring!!!

Woah, momentary freak out. Must.chill.out.

It seems that my confidence in mixing colors isn't great and I'm hoping that by using the above website I can have a better visual representation of how certain colors look together. Maybe, just maybe that will give me the confidence to mix things up a little bit. Clearly, I would start small, because I think an abundance of various color schemes might throw my entire world off track.

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