Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That wasn't funny

I called my best friend and this is a rough rundown of our conversation:

Me: Hey, I have good news. Guess what?

BF: You're pregnant?!?!?!

Me: (action- fall to floor). What? NO!!!! Oh my goodness, why the heck would you say that?

BF: I don't know, isn't that what married people do?

Me: Some married people have kids, but you know I'm not thinking of any little ones until I'm 30. (continue on a rampage of how the heck could she suggest I was pregnant)

BF: So, is the good news that you're pregnant or that you're not pregnant????

Me: The good news is that I'm NOT pregnant and I found a race for us to run. That's it, nothing earth shattering.

Later in the evening, the hubs and I joined my best friend and her boyfriend for dinner. B, my best friend, says to the hubs, "Did Heidi tell you about our conversation from earlier today?" He hadn't heard, so she proceeded to tell him the story. Without missing a beat he goes, "B, that's not funny! You can't just drop the pregnancy bomb into an everyday conversation. That's really not funny." Of course, B's boyfriend agreed with the hubs on this one.

I, of course, did what I do when I'm around my extended family and made sure to have an alcoholic beverage within my grasp for the rest of dinner. Nothing says, "no babies here!" like a few glasses of wine or a few bottles of beer.

(For the record, the hubs and I adore kids, but we're just waiting until an SPF 500 sunscreen is invited. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that two pale people equals a ridiculously pale baby.)

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