Friday, April 24, 2009

Better late than never

Sorry for not posting this week, but I'm being overly cautious with my computer. However, I did actually finish a project last week and that accomplishment deserves to be shared. I made the ever popular Buttercup Bag, which is a fantastic bag designed by the ever creative Made by Rae. Oh, did I mention that it is a free pattern? Well, it is, so you should head on over there and make a bag for yourself.

Anyway, here's my bag:

The outer fabric was a fat quarter snagged at Joann's for $1.49. The inner fabric, which is hard to see from the photo, is a simple khaki fabric I had laying around. Add in the $1.39 for four sets of magnetic snaps, a bit of string, a whole lot of patience and seam ripping and the bag wasn't all that expensive to put together. It's a lot lighter than the heavy purses I normally carry, so the first time I wore it out I kept freaking out and thought that I lost it (the purse, not my mind... well, that's up for debate).

I think I have quite a bit to improve, but since fabric is relatively cheap, I think I'll be able to handle a few trial and errors along the way to becoming a better sewer (sewist?). I picked up three yards of fabric this week and I'm hoping my next bag comes along a bit smoother.

If anyone wants to share any cool sites for downloading free patterns, please feel free to do so.


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! Nice work on the crafting and the choice in material!