Monday, April 27, 2009

It is way too hot for April

Seriously, 90 degrees in April? This has got to stop. I about melted during yesterday morning's football game. Thank goodness the game was at 10am. I can't even imagine if I had to run around during peak heat hours.

This little weather forecast just shows that Jax and Jewels are not going on a walk today.

Dogs with practically non-existent noses aren't fan of extreme weather conditions. AKA spoiled rotten puppies refuse to walk when it's this hot outside and they prefer to sun themselves indoors, while enjoying the benefits of central air. You think I'm kidding? The hubs had to carry Jewels home on her walk on Saturday because she just laid down in the grass and refused to move.

The hubs is handling the heat wave in stride. There's a snowball stand around the corner from our house and the hubs was counting down the days until that baby opened for the season.
He's totally thinking, "she better not ask to share, she must have figured out that I don't share food." For the record- I prefer ice cream to snowballs, which means if the hubs eats all of the ice cream bars, it's on like Donkey Kong!!!

But back to the point, it shouldn't be this warm in April, right?


  1. At least you have central air. I'm sweating my butt off in my house because the unit in the basement is crap and I don't have the money to buy a new one until after the wedding.

  2. After enjoying two blissful years with central air, I'm going to go out on a limb and say we'll never live in a house without it. The weather has already cooled down, so I think you'll be okay in the meantime.

  3. Tell me about it! We've hit 100* here in Phoenix. The A/C has been on for a week now. :(

    My doggies hate the heat two and refuse to go on walks. At least they LOVE the pool!

  4. Oh wow! I'd ask you to send some of that heat my way, but we don't need that much of it!

  5. Ha! It's so great to read this post because I live in Austin, Tx where it's normally very hot and humid starting in April. This season has been remarkably mild, "cold" by Texan standards. I cannot tell you how many times I've spoken outloud, "where's the heat?!" We're were down here in that we eventually long for the oven-like heat of summer. 70 in April just ain't cuttin' it! Also, I'm ammused that you said you were glad that the game was at 10 am before it really got hot. I remember running with a cross country team that had to meat before 7:30 am in the summer, or it'd just be too hot and humid to attempt it. It would literally make your head pound!

    Anyway, sorry for the super long comment. :-/ I'm bad about that!