Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baseball update

Whoops, I went to both Fanfest and Opening Day and I didn't share any stories.

Camden Yards got a face lift during the off season. The stadium now boasts a new playing surface (Kentucky blue grass), high definition jumbo screen, and a new sound system (which still has a few kinks to be worked out).

The hubs and I were present for Dave Trembley's "State of the Orioles" address. Yeah, I wasn't thrilled beforehand either, but it's only open to season ticket holders and the hubs was ecstatic.

My brother-in-law snapped this picture and immediately proclaimed it "Facebook worthy." I hope he meant blog worthy as well.

The Warehouse. Sure, it cuts down on additional seating, but it definitely adds character to the ball park.

All in all, FanFest wasn't that bad. I'm not really a big autograph hound, but it was pretty cool to meet the players and have full run of the stadium. I actually ran into one of my former college professors and had the pleasure of meeting her kiddos. Considering that I know almost no one in Baltimore, that was pretty cool.

Now, moving on to Opening Day. The Yanks were in town and CC Sabathia was the starting pitcher. I would want the guy to pitch on Opening Day seeing how the Yanks are paying him $161 million. Yay, that's a boatload of money and just one more reason I'm in a minority of Yankee fans who really think that baseball needs a salary cap (don't even get me started on the luxury tax!).

Joe, the Vice-President, threw out the ceremonial first pitch. He was not given a microphone for somewhat obvious reasons.

Play ball!!!

Okay, I am a Yankees fan after all. Jeter was up first, but more importantly Posada went deep later in the game!!!

Now, if you're a sports fan at all, I'm sure you heard about the less-than-warm reception Mark Teixeira received from O's fans in the 48,607 crowd. Basically, the fans felt burned by one of their hometown faithful. Teixeira grew up right outside of Baltimore and said he would love to play for the O's, but he ended up going for a bigger contract in New York.

Here's a quick video clip of some of the booing. It was non-stop. If he touched a ball, he got booed, if someone threw to first base, he got booed, etc. The trend has continued and it seems like he'll probably get booed anytime he's in Baltimore.

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