Friday, March 6, 2009

We really are jocks

The winter sports season is a bit rough on the hubs and me. Baltimore doesn't have a hockey or basketball team, so in order to get our pro-sports fix, the hubs and I have to make a trip down to D.C. Poor us, we have to drive all the way down to Greenbelt (a whopping 35 minutes) and then get on the Metro. Tragic, I know.

Thursday morning, the hubs calls and asks, "Hey, you want to go to a hockey game tonight? You'll have to miss Grey's, but you can watch it online, right?"

My response, "Grey's is a repeat, so let's go!"

Tom, his brother, found tickets on Ebay for $15 each. So the three of us made a little trip down to D.C. I actually remembered my camera for once, but I forewarn you that the pictures aren't so great. We sat in the very last row, way up in the nosebleed section, but the view wasn't bad.

Let's Go Caps!!! (Okay, shoot me, I root for the home team.)

FIGHT!!!! This one was impressive, the guys fell down, stood back up and then started swinging all over again.

I love it when the youth teams play during the first intermission. Much better than the second intermission when you are forced to watch inebriated fools try to move around on the ice and win prizes.

Note to self- avoid getting hit in the face with hockey sticks. Yuckiness will occur.

More fighting! Apparently, Donald Brashear trained with Joe Frazier, which I think gives you a fairly accurate description of his "hockey" abilities.

On the drive home, the hubs and I realized that it had been over a month since we had been to a sporting event. That's a really, really, really long drought for us. We realized that we could never move anywhere that didn't have at least three pro sports teams. Any area that didn't field a MLB team would be automatically a no-go for us. I guess that does limit our selection of towns we vaguely talk of moving to. Factor in that requirement, plus my own stipulation of a Trader Joe's, and our moving area is now that much smaller. Looks like we're definitely not moving up to my parents neck of the woods.


  1. There's nothing better than a good hockey fight. Looks like you saw a great game!

  2. I used to go to Caps games when I was in college over at UMCP! I really want to go to one now that Ovechkin is playing. I can't wait for baseball season either, I am already picking out what O's games to go to! :)