Monday, March 30, 2009

The beginnings of a sewing table

As I have previously mentioned, the hubs suggested moving things around in our office/second bedroom/PS2 room/aspiring craft room/catchall room for everything else in our house that we don't want to store down in the basement. Yeah, it's a crazy room and it's ridiculously small, which makes this transformation even more challenging. Last night we played with various layouts and we finally came up with one that works. Yes, my current reading books are being stored on the floor, but that just means I have to hurry up and read faster so that they can go back to the library (aka my best friend who loans me books).

The most annoying part of the room- there's only one electrical outlet. It's a running theme in our house, our master bedroom only has one outlet as well, and I can never figure out why when the central air system was put in place, why the heck someone didn't say, "hey, maybe this house should have a few more outlets, just throwing that idea out there." Good times indeed!!!

Here's my desk, it really isn't anything fancy.

The hubs and I first used the desk as a eat-in kitchen table that doubled as extra counter space in our first apartment. We had a really small gallery style kitchen and there was a severely limited amount of counter space- as in we had to store our coffee maker after every use because there wasn't enough space to have both the coffee maker and the toaster on the counter and be able to set down a loaf of bread. Ahh, fond memories of that first post-college apartment. While it wasn't anything to gloat about, it was nice to say, "hey, I'm 22 and I don't live with my parents!" (no offense mom and dad.)

Woah, got side-tracked there for a minute. I now have enough space to cut fabric and use the sewing machine. The laptop can get quickly moved aside, which is nice because I'm cheap and I plan on following tutorials found online (for free!). I think I need to get some type of cork board or whatever, so I can pin up ideas and inspirational pictures. The thing I love most about my desk is that it is counter height and I really prefer to do most of my work standing up and not sitting down. I think I might get some small wooden bookcases to place under the desk and use those to store fabric and other odds and ends. I know I could go the cheaper route and buy plastic storage containers, but I'm really not a fan of plastic.

It turns out I have more pinkish (well, technically burgundy) things than I initially thought. My grandma gave me a Longaberger basket for Christmas two years ago and the color works with my sewing machine. I almost fainted when I went on the Longaberger website and saw how much their baskets cost. Holy expensive baskets Batman! That's one collectible I'll never get attached to, of course I understand that other people might balk at my purse collection- to each is own.

So it looks like I have a new hobby and I'm going to stick with it. I'm going to run out at some point this week and buy more fabric and supplies. I really need to get some type of cutting mat because my measuring fabric technique is a bit sub-par. Opening Day is next week and I need to get my butt in gear if I want to make the outfit I have planned in my head a reality in time.

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