Monday, January 26, 2009

We survived another ski trip!

For six years the hubs and I always talked about going on a little ski trip. Nothing too lavish, just a simple weekend with a one day spot at the slopes. Last October, my mother-in-law moved out to Arizona and kept dropping hints that we should come visit her. Of course she tried to sweeten the deal by informing us that we could play golf and go skiing while in Arizona. Ski in Arizona??? I was intrigued.

Of course, there was just one little, tiny, detail that needed to be addressed -the hubs had never been skiing before. Hearing horror stories about my sister breaking her ankle while skiing probably helped keep the hubs off the slopes for a few years. But, he knew that if he married me he'd have to learn how to ski sooner or later. Maybe flying across the country to face the Rockies wasn't the best way to learn how to ski. It would have made for a heck of a story, but we decided to try something a little closer to home.

Enter Deep Creek, Maryland. It turns out that the brother of one of my hubs' coworkers owns a house near the Wisp Resort. Fantastic. Said brother had an open weekend last January and let the hubs and I tag along for few days.

I can honestly say that teaching the hubs how to ski was among the most nerve racking minutes we encountered during that first year of marriage. Fortunately, the hubs is quite the natural athlete and picked up skiing rather quickly. There were a few dicey moments when he wasn't too pleased to see his klutz-prone wife gliding on top of the snow like a pro. He kept telling himself, "if she can do it, I can do it." Nice, right?

Anyway, we returned to the slopes this year and the hubs hoped to significantly improve upon his previous outing. He did much, much, much better. Granted, I don't think we'll be jetting off to the Alps for my birthday (a lifelong dream of mine), but we can start discussing a trip to a bigger mountain.

There were intermittent snow showers while we were on the slopes.

RUN!!!! It's a red headed monster!

Our lovely accommodations. Sigh... it really is a life goal of mine to have a little mountain cabin somewhere. Nothing fancy, just a simple place to hide out for the occasional weekend. Something near the slopes would be an additional bonus.

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  1. Skiing absolutely terrifies me, but I am very happy to hear you guys had a good time! :D