Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Pottery Barn

Just when my confidence in mass marketing was being questioned, thank you J.Crew, my trust was momentarily restored by this month's Pottery Barn catalog. This is how you sell overpriced home furnishings. J.Crew, please take note.

It's January and in my little world it also happens to be freezing cold outside. What does Pottery Barn do to ease my frustration? Oh, they happen to put the cutest bedding on their cover. It's such a happy yellow color that screams "spring is here!" and yet, at the same time it looks so warm and inviting that it's positive energy would be able to fend off any wind chill. Granted I am a sucker for anything yellow (my ultimate vision is to have a white office with tons of yellow accessories), but still I think this bedding could persuade those who are fans of other colors to jump on in and snuggle under the covers.

Pottery Barn also gets that it's still winter out. Hello, that's why they advertise on their cover that they are having a winter sale. A sale on things you might actually be able to use in January. Shocking, I know.

Take note J.Crew. This is how you sell stuff in January. You don't ignore spring and jump right into the summer details. You don't see Pottery Barn advertising their outdoor slumber chairs in January, do you? No, instead they ease their way into spring (the forgotten season it appears), while still reminding you that it is indeed still January.

The final point, the tag line, "A fresh start" kicks "It's always warm somewhere..." to curb. Game. Set. Match. Pottery Barn. Better luck next month J.Crew.

(Yes, I do realize I am over analyzing these things, but I had a freak out in the grocery store over the weekend. Little Christmas hadn't even come and the grocery store was already stocked full of Valentine's Day decorations. I about fainted.)


  1. I hear ya - It's like I am all backwards - July has winter coats in the stores and December has bikinis - and I don't have anything to wear! Does that mean I have to buy now, wear in six months? What if I gain weight?!

  2. i just need to say that i think about this post every time i see my new PB magazine on my coffee table.