Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where is my Coach coupon?

I swear, I usually receive a Coach coupon for 25% off right about now. I know the coupon comes way to early to think of buying my sister a Christmas present. That makes me believe my coupon should be in my mailbox any day now. Hmmmmmm..... where is my coupon???

I need my coupon, because I need this bag. Okay, I don't need this bag, but I certainly want this bag. I could just go out, get it over already and buy the bag, but I know if I do the coupon will show up the next day. Silly Murphy's Law!

The only thing that is keeping me from buying this bag is it isn't "technically" fall yet. I think this bag will be perfect for fall and will work during the holiday season. I'm a sucker for purple and I love the color of this bag.

Sigh.... I guess I'll just keep dreaming of this bag until my coupon comes. Until then I'll have to slum it and carry my plain brown Hamptons bag. Ugh!

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