Saturday, September 27, 2008

Live from New York...

I'm at my parents' house in New York this weekend. If I had a blog goal to blog from another state, well, I could cross that off my list of things to do. Sweet!!!

Unfortunately, the weather and trip haven't been all that great. I came up to drive my brother, who lives in Delaware, to NY so he could undergo another round of knee surgery. Not exactly a happy-go-lucky reason for visiting the rents. Then, mother nature decided that the weather has been far too nice lately and it is due time for a weekend of non-stop rain. Yucky all around.

To salvage the crummy weekend, I made chocolate chip cookies. I'm such a good house guest. Hopefully, my parents won't mind when the cookies mysteriously go missing when I leave. Hmmm, I wonder where they went?

Here's two quick pictures I took yesterday. My parents don't have the greatest internet connection, so I won't try to test my luck and upload too many photos.

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