Thursday, September 18, 2008

Really, was that necessary?

I think my dog, Jewels, has an obsessive compulsive disorder. She has to circle 8 times before she... well you know. She will only eat out of one food bowl. She always circles clockwise. She doesn't like a mess and she actually puts her toys away (now, if only we could teach Jax this lovely habit). She has to have a light on to go outside at night or into any dark room (okay, that's not so weird). She won't run down the stairs in the morning until a human goes with her. She will rotate standing on three legs when the grass is wet (clearly, all four legs can't get wet at the same time).

But, one of her oddest behaviors must be her obsession with fluffing blankets. I kid you not, she'll spend 20 minutes fluffing her blanket before she lays down for the night. It's crazy.

Tonight, she hopped up on the couch and started fluffing a throw blanket. What strikes me as incredibly odd, is that she'll rip the blanket down from where it was folded on top of the couch. Then, she'll spend 20 minutes fluffing and circling the blanket. Finally, she'll lay down behind the blanket. Really, was all that work necessary?

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  1. The blanket thing - I had a cavalier growing up and she started doing this out of the blue, my mom called the vet and asked about it, thinking our dog was imbalanced mentally... turned out she was "nesting" because she was pregnant! :)