Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Space Between

Made in USA: Tshirt : old Les Femmes Velours // Jeans : James Jeans / Flats: Oka-B (on sale) // Bag: Clare V Messenger (other colors 25% off with code 'SPRING25')

I'm officially in that somewhat awkward space where all of my friends and family are exclaiming "Hello belly!" and yet to a complete stranger I don't look quite pregnant yet. It just looks like I could afford to hit the gym and that I haven't done any core work in a few months (totally true!). Or at least I didn't look pregnant to a kind waitress Saturday night and after her fourth inquiry if I wanted a beer I just blurted out, "nope, pregnant and the designated driver!" Maybe she just thought my pudgy waist was a beer gut.

I'm totally sticking out my belly in the photo above in order to make it look like I've got a belly going on.

But I digress. My days of wearing non-maternity pants are quickly slipping by me and these well-loved boyfriend jeans are my go-to pants as soon as I'm out of work.  I think my husband might burn them soon.

One thing he won't be burning any time soon is the Clare V Messenger bag he bought me for my birthday in February. I don't where he found the sold out and discontinued purple color, but I'm absolutely smitten with it. I'm fairly certain it has been the only bag I've carried since my birthday. It's been an absolute gem with the assortment of snacks, water bottles, belly band (just in case I decide my pants are not working at the moment), Tums, planner, etc. that are new additions to my bag stash. Sure I might have a Mary Poppins moment from time to time digging through it to find something, but I'm place in life where I'd rather have everything I need with me rather than panic and have to make a pit stop. That happened one time when I didn't have a bottle of Tums on me (heartburn hell) and I was absolutely miserable.

What's your carry-everything-in-your-life bag at the moment?