Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baby Boy!

Baby Boy Chalupa Batman has 10 fingers and 10 toes. He's healthy and all of his internal measurements are tracking spot on for his due date. Just keep cooking little fella and we'll wait to meet you in August.

And he's stolen an even bigger piece of our hearts.  Truthfully, I really wanted a baby boy. I mean this in no disrespect to my older sister, older brother-in-laws, or my younger brother, but growing up I always wanted an older brother.  There are zero guarantees that the hubs and I will ever have a baby girl, but I'm on cloud 9 knowing that we'll have a rambunctious boy in our lives in all due time.

It started to pour buckets as soon as we got home from the doctor's office yesterday afternoon and my idea of a quick photo session marking the occasion in a grassy field were promptly dashed. Thankfully we happen to have a guest room with ridiculously bright blue walls. So these photos might not be the most technically sound, the ISO had to be cranked way to high for my liking, but the emotion in them is something I'll cherish forever.

The gender didn't matter for us, but finding out our little one is healthy was all that mattered. I know I said I wanted a boy, but honestly I would have been just as ecstatic if we were told we were having a girl. I swear because just hearing our little one was healthy was the important news. Especially after running a half marathon last weekend, it was rather nice to have a solid update for those few family members who voiced objections about me running.

Now, the biggest struggle is just going to be containing myself and not buying every train or super hero item I see in stores. Although, I probably would have bought the same things if we were having a baby girl :) Lincoln Logs were my favorite toy as a child and I had more than one Tonka truck.

I swear, this is little ol' blog is not going to become a pregnancy diary. I'll get back to other things here soon. I'm not making any excuses for being a tad bit focused on the little one lately. This has definitely been a game changer.