Monday, December 8, 2014

Rye Apple Cider Cocktail

Want a super easy and seasonably appropriate adult beverage? Then keep on reading! 

Rye Apple Cider Cocktail:

- 2 parts Apple Cider (chilled is best)
- 2 parts Ginger Ale (chilled is best)
- 1 part Rye

Combine apple cider and rye in a shaker with ice and shake. Pour into an old fashioned glass over ice, add ginger ale, and enjoy! You can add a garnish if you like. I added cinnamon to the rim of my glass to give it even more of a festive taste. The ginger ale keeps it light and fresh, which is perfect for feasting with friends. 

Now, you can certainly substitute the rye for your favorite bourbon. I personally substitute a rye for bourbon when the recipe calls for combining with cold apple cider. I just find the slightly fruity flavor of rye pairs better with a cold apple cider. It's just crispier. Now, if the recipe is for a warm cider drink then by all means use a bourbon. That's just my personal preference. 

What's your favorite Rye recipe?


  1. Sounds great! Going to try this tonight :) Thanks for sharing!
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  2. Yummy. Sounds like this will really warm up your tummy. (new post)

  3. I make something similar but without the ginger ale. Will have to try it with it.

  4. I loooove apple cider. I def have to try this! Love your pictures btw