Friday, August 22, 2014

Lens Testing

Eeck! I'm photographing a friend's wedding this weekend. In an attempt to keep my nerves at a somewhat comfortable level I rented a few extra pieces of glass to take with me to the wedding. That meant I had to get outside for some test shots. Unfortunately the weather forecast is nothing but rain, so last night as soon the workday was over the hubs and I took the dogs out for a quick set of photos. 

It was also the perfect way to get a few fresh images with the pups. Can we talk about how awesome the bokeh is on that 135f/2 L lens? Oh wait, how about how the 50f/1.2L completely lit up the hubs and Jewels when it was practically dark outside? And left my ISO on 100 the entire time because I wanted to have a consistency to compare different images. 

This photography hobby is expensive! I do "need" a telephoto lens in my arsenal and I'm fearful after this weekend I might have to save up for one sooner rather than later! 

Here's hoping for good weather this weekend and sharp images! 


  1. Geez! I would love to get my hands on a 50 1.2. Do you use cannon or nikon? I'm saving up for the nikon 50 1.4 but for now I'm using the 35 1.8 which has pretty decent bokeh

  2. Awe, so sweet!!! You got some great shots!! I really need to learn more about other lenses. It's all so overwhelming for me! I hope you enjoyed shooting the wedding this weekend!