Wednesday, August 13, 2014

American Made at Need Supply Co.

I do find as I get older I shy away from the typical brick & mortar mall stores. I think it's mainly the fear of showing up wearing the exact same thing as someone else that keeps me away from the Gap, H&M, Banana Republic, Express, Old Navy, and yes, even my former love J.Crew (who is slowly working its way back into my heart). I appreciate trends just as much as the next person, but I'm always trying to make my clothes my own, rather than a mannequin's.

I think that's why I love smaller boutique's that much more because their curated selections bring in designers I've never even heard of and definitely do not see at the mall. I've been smitten with Need Supply Co.'s selection for the past few years. They do an amazing job of bringing together the designers you know and the ones you don't. Plus, any place that has thousands of American made pieces is top-notch in my book.

Last November when I was in Richmond I had every intention of stopping by the Need Supply Co.'s actual store and I'm sorry to say I ate dinner right around the corner and literally ran by, along the marathon course, and didn't make it in. I blame the searing pain in my hip and the massive chip my pride took with my worst marathon time ever for the reason to miss visiting. That's not happening again this year. I'm definitely stopping by for a proper visit this November on race weekend.

What's your favorite boutique?


  1. I don't know what it is about Need Supply but they have the best bags. This one is no acception to the rule. Really nice. Thank you for showcasing.

  2. I have a dislike for malls too, but sometimes a trip to one is unavoidable! Sadly there isn't a ton of variety here in Canada (no need supply co) so shopping online is a must!