Monday, April 28, 2014

The bar is open!

Our little kitchen received a welcomed addition two weeks ago with new barstools.  This is one of the reasons I love social media because I put out a cry for help with a few wishlist details for new barstools and the world answered with American Tribute.  Except our new barstools are more than we could have imagined: American made, inspired by oak whiskey barrels, clean design, solid, rustic materials, and an impressive 600lb weight rating (most stools stop at 250lbs and that doesn't work for some of the guys we love to have over). And the tops spin so there's that as well. 

Even before the new stools arrived the hubs and I have been spending as much time possible in our breakfast and bar area. It's so nice to come home from work, take the pups for a walk, and then crack open an adult beverage (or if we're working out then we drink post-work out). The hubs has been making amazing martinis the past few weeks and next week we'll obviously be tossing back a few Mint Juleps. 

I know bar carts/trays are all the rage right now. The hubs isn't quite sold on "sparkly straws" just yet so here are our staples: 

Cheese Slate: unknown (Similar Concrete Coasters: Pop Chart Labs 32oz Growler: unknown (similarWhiskey: Jack Daniels Bourbon: Bullet // Jim Bean Single Barrel // Vodka: Tito's 

Can anyone recommend their favorite gin? Part of me feels like I need to have one of those, but I don't yet.  Finally, if you don't have a 32oz growler yet please go get one. It's the perfect size for two people to enjoy a nice craft beer that is above five percent alcohol by volume. We have quite a few and my hubs usually keeps an empty one in his car just so he can stop on his way home for a fill-up if the mood strikes him. 

To read more about American Tribute check out the "Maker's Series" post on Modestics


  1. Holy smokes...everything looks so awesome!! It turned out perfect! I wish I knew a gin brand to recommend, but we don't drink much of it here in our house. Sorry!

  2. Beautiful! When can I come over for a drink? Or 8?

  3. The bar looks so great! And gin: Tanqueray for sure. :)

  4. Love your whole kitchen, and the bar stools look great! The hubs and I made a trip to Room & Board this weekend and fell in love with an American Made cocktail table and end tables. The price was a bit of a shock, but the quality was way beyond everything else we have looked at. We've decided to head back this weekend and purchase the three pieces. Sorry, no tips on gin.

  5. hendrick's makes a fabulous gin {infused with rose & cucumber}!

    the barstools make a great addition to your beautiful kitchen - i can totally see the whiskey barrel inspiration in their design. you've got a nice set up to enjoy some good drinks! ;)

  6. Beautiful barstools! Totally finishes off that space - and I love the bar tray :). Another vote for Hendricks!

  7. I LOVE those concrete coasters! Your bar area looks fantastic.