Monday, April 8, 2013


Dress: Shoshanna (Made in the USA!) // Clutch : Gigee Marie (Made in the USA!) // Heels: Goodwill // Bracelet: Derng // Nail Color: Essie "Eternal Optimist" (Made in USA!) 

Normally, I shy away from anything with the color red it in. It's safe to say that the colors pink and red have the smallest presence in my closet, yet I continually want to bring in a dash more red. It's just hard being a red head because my red hair clashes with 99.9% of the reds out there.  Then I get to thinking - are brunettes banned from browns? Can blondes not wear cream?  Why are there so many rules?!?!?! 

So when I saw this gorgeous Shoshanna dress on sale at Neiman Marcus I went out of my comfort zone and bought it.  I'll be completely honest, I wanted it for two reasons: it's made in the USA and has a hint of red. The classic shape, impeccable seams, and colorblock trendiness were just icing on the proverbial cake.   

I love that I could have paired this dress with my favorite navy blazer, but instead the higher temperatures let me keep it simple with a clutch I won from Gigee Marie.  Let's be honest, I'm boarding the bare arms train because I can now do ten pushups (thanks Insanity!).  

Yes, I just talked about fashion and muscle definition all in one post. That's how I roll. 

Oh, did I mention this dress has pockets? Okay, that's a three point shot for the win! 

Back to the fashion rules? Be honest - is this too bright of a red for me?  Are certain hair colors categorically excluded from certain fabric colors?


  1. I love this on you! The red totally works. I think it helps that the red stripe is the farthest from your hair. It's also a great contrast to the neutral part of the dress. Classy lady!


  2. I love your dress! It looks great.


  3. This is SO gorgeous on you! LOVE that dress! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  4. Adorable outfit!

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  5. Looking gorgeous! Love the seams on this dress, and the red is awesome. I am a huge fan of colorblocking :)

    Laura from fifty13: Fashion Made in California

  6. This is perfect for you-- I love structured sheaths like this. Glad you pulled the trigger and added some more red :)