Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My fellow Americans: Please go vote

If you're an American and you're reading this message I urge you to go do your civic duty and vote today. 

Right now our brothers and sisters in arms are sitting in harms way and protecting the very fundamental  democratic values that so many in this country take for granted.  It's embarrassing that roughly half of the eligible voting population decides the leadership of our country.  I'd never want to meet a serviceman or women and have to tell them that I got lazy on election day and didn't use my right to have a voice in my nation's leadership. 

Think your vote doesn't count?  If you feel that way then you're sadly mistaken.  The past few national elections have shown this country that every single vote counts.  Senate races, where the Senate majority hangs in the balance, have been won and lost by mere hundreds of votes.  

Seriously, don't be that person who talks a lot of talk, but doesn't actually do anything to give their voice a chance to be counted.  These elections are too important to suddenly go silent. 

Look, I do not care who you vote for or which political party you support, but I only ask that you vote.  I have never once, in over ten years, have asked my hubs who he votes for or what political party he supports.  I don't ask my parents, my siblings, my friends, anyone else those questions because I truly believe that your right to vote is yours and you can make up your mind all on your own.  The last thing anyone needs is an opinionated red head giving her two cents to everyone :) 

Go to your polling station, wait in line (seriously, people wait for days to score the latest phones and Black Friday deals, but complain about waiting to vote), and give your voice a chance to be heard.  Think about all the years in this nation's history in which not everyone had a right to vote.  If you were born a woman, or poor, or non-white, etc. then there were years where you couldn't vote.  People fought and died for you to have that fundamental right to vote.  Don't insult their fight and dedication by turning your back on your right to vote.  

Please go vote. 

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