Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy early 30th birthday to me! (Almost)

Well, not really. I don't turn 30 until February.

In the year 2012.

As in well over a year from now. So far from now that I should take down the mental countdown, delete my birthday list, and just focus on the present. Wait, did someone say present?

In true crazy form, I've not-so-subtly told the hubs that he has to buy me a, "rocking pair of shoes" for my 30th birthday. The heels better be thin and high, you know, everything my legs aren't. They better be from somewhere awesome. Honestly, if Choo, Louboutin, Prada, or Manolo aren't involved, well then I'm not interested.

Oddly enough, the hubs gets it. I mentioned buying a baseball glove one time for him and apparently it didn't contain the right word and he looked at me and asked me if I was crazy. The only minor difference in this story is that the hubs went ahead and bought his crazy expensive glove and well I am still waiting on a cool pair of kicks to show up in my closet.

But that day almost happened yesterday. I was at Neiman Marcus and I still can't figure out why, but there were 10 pairs of Christian Louboutin pumps just sitting out on the sale rack. Like a kid in a candy store I grabbed whatever I could get my hands on and ran to find a nice, secluded bench to caress my precious loves.

I know sizing can be off, so I grabbed the first 9 and 10s I saw and figured I'd try them on first.

The 9s weren't even close!

Up next I tried the Verde in a 10. It fit perfectly! However, even though the color is Amethyst, it was a bit too pink for my liking. Plus, it's a suede shoe. I have a few pairs of suede shoes and while I love them, I know I'm rough on the material and they won't last as long as a nice leather pair will.

However, it was very difficult to leave them when they were on sale for $402. Yes, that's a TON of money for a pair of shoes, but they're on every major website right now for $945. They had the smallest scruff in the sole on one shoe and that's probably why they were heavily discounted. Seriously, if you didn't have your soles treated that scruff would have happened in two seconds on any hard floor. Sigh!!!

Then, while I was heading out I saw these.
I die. The shoe of all shoes. The Christian Louboutin Very Prive. I want her. I need her. In nude patent leather. An absolutely timeless shoe.

They were a 40.5 and the tiniest bit too big. But, I didn't care. I had them on my feet and I wanted them. I immediately did what anyone would do in a situation like this.

I called for backup. Thankfully, I know a semi-rational fashionista and we've been lusting over a pair of Louboutins for years. She said exactly what I didn't want to say aloud.

"How high is the heel?"

(in a whisper)

"They're the 120mm. So a bit higher than the Simples I really wanted."

After a few agonizing minutes I knew my friend was right when she said it. "Are you going to be comfortable in them? In that color these are an everyday shoe. Something you're going to wear every where. Can you walk in them that much? If they were black or had spiked heels they'd be going out shoes and then completely appropriate. "

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I knew what she was saying was true. If they were in purple I would have easily thrown down my Visa card and called it a day.

They're too high for me. There I said it. I wore them for 10 minutes and I can't get them out of my head. However, they did make me almost six foot tall, which is far too tall for me! I wanted them so badly. Did I mention the price? They were marked down to $380. I know, they were practically FREE! I couldn't find a single imperfection on the shoes anywhere. On the other hand, their box was ripped. Yeah, ripping a box causes the shoes to drop for $785 to $380. It was insane.


I even sent the hubs a text asking him if I could get my 30th birthday present in advance. I think the hubs needs to send flowers to Miss M over at District Sparkle for rationalizing with me and allowing me to walk away from those shoes.

I'm fighting off every form of temptation to drive back to the store and see if they're still there. If I see them again, I might not be able to walk away! One day my precious ... we'll meet again.


  1. Ooo, the agony. I feel your pain. I bought a pair of Rolandos on the sale rack a few years ago - they were a decent price. I've worn them once - the toe box was too short. I just sold them on eBay for a little less than I paid. It's worth giving it up now and saving the money for a pair that will fit better, even if you have to pay a little extra.

  2. This is so great!! Reading this post was like hearing myself talk! Haha I always have to call for backup when shopping!! I went Christmas shopping today and ended up buying 6 things for me!! Ha! Opps! I hate when it's almost painful to walk away from something you wanted but itsn't quite perfect!

    P.S I am new to your blog... Super cute! I have 2 Christmas giveaways going on right now, hope you'll stop by and enter!!!!

  3. Opps I gave you the wrong blog address... My iPad autocorrected! It's