Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coming home for the holidays

Due to some pretty intense travel schedules to finish off the year, the hubs and I haven't spent a full week together since the beginning of October. Actually, the longest amount of time we've spent together during that time period was the four day weekend for Thanksgiving. It's been hectic and crazy.

To make matters worse, downtown Detroit is lit up like a Christmas tree. Well, actually there's a giant Christmas tree, plus a whole host of other Christmas trees. It's making me miss the hubs like crazy. To me, the holidays are spent with family and just thinking about the holidays makes me think about family. The hubs is the biggest part of my family, so not spending time with him is making things pretty rough.

This sight last night wasn't making things any easier:

Festive holiday lights - CHECK!

Giant Christmas tree - CHECK!

Adorable kids ice skating - CHECK!

Hot chocolate - CHECK!

Families with dogs - CHECK! (can't see them in the picture, but there was a very cute dad with two beagles cheering on his kids out on the ice)

The saddest part is I'll be home Thursday night and yet the hubs is working over nights this week, which means I won't see him until Friday night. Not terrible, but it's getting old.

I know I sound really whiny and I know there are families who spend far greater time apart than we do. My heart goes out to them and I hope my whines don't offend them. This is just unusual for us and it's the switch in routine that's really got me out of whack. I'm tired of cooking for one, I'm tired of eating out, and I'm just tired of not having my nightly laughter filled moments with my best friend.

I'm looking forward to Christmas more than ever this year because we'll both have a full week off from work and we'll get to spend almost every blessed moment together. Then, we'll probably be sick of each other!

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