Monday, December 19, 2011

The annual office holiday party

I love my job. There, I said it. I know that's taboo to say in some places and it can be quite uncool to proudly proclaim it, but I really do love my job. Are there days that I'm not feeling the love? Absolutely, I am human after all. However, those days really are far and few in between. It's not just working in housing and community development that makes me happy, but it's also the company that I work for and the amazing people that I work with that keep me in a perpetual happy state. I can honestly say that I have friends who get sick and tired of me always saying that I love my job. It's that annoying.

This year I celebrated my two-year anniversary at my company in October and last weekend enjoyed my third office holiday party. Let me just get something out there about my office: we like to work and play hard. We take our work very seriously and we take our holiday parties very seriously. This year was a very nice affair at a lovely locale in downtown Washington, D.C. and the hubs and I decided to abandon surburbia and spend the night in our nation's capitol. I told the hubs that before we headed back to the hotel I wanted to walk by the White House to see it lit up at night. Yeah, that so didn't happen :)

About two hours into a wonderful party the company president and vice-president started the annual speeches and gave out a few awards. The hubs and I snagged a nice, quiet table in the back corner and had a wonderful view of the whole room. All in all things were going well.

Then, disaster stroke.

The ridiculously tall, yet gorgeous Miss M over at District Sparkle took my camera from me. I stood up to take a few pictures during the speeches and she just sauntered over in her 6inch sparkly high heels and red dress and just snatched my camera from me. My 5'7" self couldn't match her height, so I just handed the camera over and trusted that she wouldn't drop it.

Seriously people, don't be fooled by her love of all things sparkly. She's intimidating!

One year I'm going to learn how to keep my eyes open in a picture. I swear that's going on the New Year's Resolution List for 2012!

Then, the biggest award of the night was being handed out and I was sitting quietly in back paying attention when low and behold, my name got announced.

Yeah, that's how I roll. Win an award and I cover up and try to duck under the table. Chances are I covered my mouth because I was afraid I'd say something really embarrassing like "Jean Louise Finch" because when I swear, I don't actually swear. Or, I said, "you've got to be kidding me." It's a toss up really.

The next half an hour went by in a blur. You know why I don't like winning awards? Because then everyone wants to come up and congratulate you and even worse, take their picture with you. I actually like giving speeches, but I really just don't like standing up in front of people. I despise having my picture taken. I have terrible posture, smile too big, and more often than not give off crazy eyes. I can usually get one normal smile out of about ten pictures. I know a few of my co-workers flipped through their pictures from the holiday party and thought, "why does Heidi look like she's about to be electrocuted?"

However, I do remember being happy to have a picture with my two office "moms." We travel together for work quite a bit and there have been numerous times where each have been accused of being my mom.

Seriously, also adding "stand up straight" to the 2012 New Year's Resolution List. No wonder I always have back pain!

Thanks Miss M for the pictures and for letting me borrow your sparkly gold belt. It really helped jazz up my $25 J. Crew dress :)
(Sadly, the office crew is a blonde short! These chic ladies are part of the reason my bank account hates my shopping habits)

The funniest part of the night was when of my co-workers came up to the hubs and I and said, "great, Heidi, you got me in trouble. He's (pointing to her husband) mad at me for not thanking him during my speech."

Whoops! Of course when I got up and thanked my office for the honor I told an entire room of people that I didn't do anything in life without the support of my husband and I thanked him for being my partner in crime.

Was I not supposed to do that?

When we were getting ready to leave (*cough* to head out to a bar) after the party the hubs and I were saying goodbyes to a few co-workers and someone said to the hubs, "are you proud Heidi won?"

His response, "I'm proud of her every day."

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I typically avoid wearing mascara. The dude barely talks and then he has to lay out something like that on me. I know he's proud of me, but I don't typically think it and I don't remember the last time he said it out loud or even to another person.

That's enough attention for me. I'm going to go burry my head in the covers and not come out for a few days.

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