Monday, November 28, 2011

Honey! I'm home!!!

I don't know about your house life, but my house runs on a fairly tight schedule. There are so many standardized times in my work day that any major deviation from the schedule could cause a catastrophic risk to my day. Okay, most of my times focus around food or commuting, but that's normal, right?

5:45am - wake up

6:43am - leave for work

7:00am - park car/kiss hubs goodbye if carpooling

7:05am - catch train

7:45am - arrive at work

8:00am - drink coffee

9:00am- eat banana and yogurt

12:00pm- eat lunch

2:30pm- eat snack

4:40pm- leave work

4:51pm- catch train

5:24pm- get off train

5:55pm - arrive home

5:57pm- get mauled by two dogs!

Seriously! I try to come in the house all nonchalant and low-key, yet if the hubs is home already he gets the dogs all riled up and they go nuts. If I get home first or we come home together then they usually leave me alone and attack him.

Tonight I had to pin Jax to the ground and give him a serious belly rub before he would let me get out of my boots. I was terrified he was going to rip my hose or worse cause a drag in my favorite silk duponi skirt!

Other days, it's rather hilarious to come home "early" and catch the dogs by surprise. I got out of work early last Wednesday and when I came home both dogs were still asleep upstairs and it was hilarious to see them stretch themselves out and sleepily saunter down the stairs to greet me. My absolute favorite "trick" was taking a half day at work and coming home hours early and seeing Jewels' little head pop up in the window upstairs and look at me like, "what the heck are you doing here?"

Honestly, I think after a four-day weekend in which the normal schedule was thrown out the window both dogs were ready for the hubs and I to go back to work. They had 20 hour sleeping days to get back to!

How about you - do you have a fairly tight daily schedule? More flexible? Any pets that like routine?


  1. This is hilarious. I actually have a relaxed structured daily schedule.

    0430 wake up
    0450 say buy to FI, watch the news/Today show
    During this time I might put dinner in the crockpot, or do a load or two of laundry
    0615 Get dressed and head to the farm
    0625 Get feed prepared for the horses, feed
    0700 Head back home
    0715 Shower
    0730 Watch more Today show (obsessed much)
    0815 Get dressed
    0830 Leave for work
    0900 Get to work
    1400 Lunch
    1800 Leave for the farm
    1830 Feed the horses
    1900 Get home
    1915 Dinner
    Usually around 2130 Bed.

  2. Annnndddd just noticed that you work in the DC area, which makes your schedule make perfect sense. I work in the Gainesville area (Prince William)