Monday, October 17, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

Party Rock!

I get the most random songs stuck in my head sometimes and it drives me bonkers. However, it's a decent and fairly accurate description of my life in general. I become absolutely obsessed with something and then as always my interest inevitably flounders and I move on to the next obsession. Except for the things that make up my inner soul: I'm not committed to anything. Have no fear hubs - you're definitely a key aspect of my inner soul :)

When I started this blog back in July 2008 I didn't have any grand intentions of what it would turn into. As like most things in my life, it's turned into a random hodgepodge of things that pop into my head. Some say I probably have ADHD, I like to say I'm well rounded. The funny thing is that when I'm at work, I'm intensely focused and organized. Unfortunately, when I come home I spiral out of control and I'm the most disorganized and unstructured person humanly possible. At this moment right now there is literally a dozen projects sitting around me in some various form of production, yet nothing is close to being finished. Let's be honest - I no longer care for the fabric that I was using to make throw pillows for last Christmas and somehow I doubt they'll be finished by this holiday season.

Wait, back to the blog. A few weeks ago I gave my little ol' blog a minor face lift with a new background and such. It needed more yellow or at least that's my general rule of thumb for most things. As I was scrolling through a few pages of older posts I developed my own headache of disgust. What the hell was I thinking in that post? That doesn't make sense after that post? Who the heck came up with these post labels? In a nutshell: when you can't even follow the bouncing ball on your own blog it's probably a good idea to step back.

No, I'm not taking a leave of absence or some other form of forced hibernation. I post infrequently enough that there's no warrant for a formal dismissal. Part of me wants to cut ties and start over new, but another part of me is quasi-proud that I started something in 2008 and haven't completely abandoned it yet. That's progress in my book!

All rubbish aside, I'm hoping to make things more organized around here. Kind of give this blog a purpose, which would help both me and you (if anyone is still out there) follow the bouncing ball.

Here's what I propose:

- Shoe posts. I'm obsessed with shoes. To me they both finish and start an outfit. It's not a random coincidence that my second post on this blog was professing my love for a pair of Kate Spade Pumps. I've already informed the hubs that all I want for my 30th birthday (in over a year!) is a pair of Christian Louboutin's. The river of my eternal shoe love will never run dry.

- Fashion. This might seem like a funny topic from a self-proclaimed tomboy, but it's a secret that I've been a fashion loving closeted individual for years. My biggest struggle is I always think, "oh, that won't look good on my shape" or "if I lost 5lbs I could pull that off." Guess what, I ran a freaking marathon last year and didn't lose that infamous 5lbs. It's not coming off and I'm finally okay with it. I have thighs. I have an ass. Now I'm slowly learning to embrace them and I'm going to belt my dresses and start to show off the curves that I have. Plus, I'm really hoping that if I post more of my outfits here I can get constructive feedback and that's a perk for me.

- House projects. Words like "demolition," "permit," "custom," and "insanity," get tossed around my house these days in such frequency that you'd think we either lived by HGTV or were fighting crime. Our little foreclosure needs some serious house loving and the hubs and I are itching to get started. First up, we're ripping apart our half bath before the end of the year.

- Food posts. I bake a treat for every single one of my office co-workers on their birthday. I make pumpkin rolls on random Wednesday evenings for the hubs. I seem to come alive in the kitchen and it's because I love how you can take such simple ingredients, combine them, and come up with something amazing. And I love chocolate. I do, however, absolutely stink at remembering to take pictures of said baking creations. It's a weakness, but when I'm in the thick of things in the kitchen the last thing I want to do is stop, take a picture, and blog about it.

- Running posts. The hubs said this to me the other day and it might be the most profound thing someone has ever said to me, "Do you ever think that the reason fall is your favorite season is because you're running the most then and the happiest?" Now, fall has always been my favorite season. I think it's because of the colors, the crispness in the air, and my favorite holiday is Halloween, but it also used to be the prime soccer season for me and I absolutely loved playing soccer. I'm miserable in the summer time because my body just doesn't do well in the heat, so when the temperature starts to dip is when I truly come more alive. The last part of the hubs proclamation really hit me, am I happiest when I'm running? The answer is most likely yes. I feel sluggish on days when I don't run. If I go more than a few days without running I have trouble falling asleep and then I'm lethargic. As I get older and move farther and farther away from labeling myself as a "soccer player" I become closer and closer to labeling myself as a "runner."

- Random things. Yes, even if I try to be more organized it's going to happen that complete and seemingly random things are going to pop up. That's life. I hope you stick around to enjoy the ride.

Oh, and don't even think you're going to get less of the pups. Jax and Jewels are here to stay and they will make appearances in just about every aspect of this blog.


  1. Running has given me thighs and a runner's bum. It makes some outfits looks just plain silly on me but in the long run I'll take a set of muscular thunder thighs over the gut I'm sure to grow if I quit running!

    Just don't forget to have fun with the blogging! :)

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