Thursday, October 13, 2011

I will not wear suits...

three days in a row. It's a quasi work related rule I try to self-impose as much as humanly possible. I feel far too masculine in suits and even as a self-proclaimed tomboy, I love to throw on a dress or skirt and wear a pair of high heels from time to time. So after a quick trip up to NJ* for two days and in full suit mode, I decided to go the opposite way the next day when I was back at my office.

Shirt - Banana Republic
Skirt - J. Crew
Tights - Target
Boots - Cole Haan (the most expensive shoes I currently love and by far my favorite pair of 4 inch heels)

Ugh, note to self - take a picture in the morning and not 12 hours later and having running through a rainstorm.

Now, that might just look like any run of the mill black skirt, but it is most certainly not.

It's the softest, lace, tulip skirt and one of my favorite skirts. I've always thought it was too mini to wear to work, but throw on black tights and it worked. I'd love to get a chunky colorful necklace and a pair of black booties to wear it with.

* Family members - I was in NJ as part of a team and was in-state for less than 48 hours. There really wasn't time for a family get together. Maybe next time.

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