Saturday, October 1, 2011

Miles Run in September

93.63 Miles run in September

I almost broke a 100 miles in one month! Clearly, that's the goal for October, which should be easy to do because I've got a 20 miler scheduled for later in the month.

In August I had a serious discussion with myself that I was in no way shape or form ready to run the Baltimore Marathon in October. I just hadn't been running and getting in marathon shape in two months sounded like a sure fire way to end up back at a doctor's office or worse, hate running forever. I was able to switch my registration and will be running the half marathon distance instead.

That's when my best friend, B, stepped in and convinced me to sign up for the Philadelphia Marathon in November. Sure, having three months to get back in running shape sounded a lot more realistic. Tit for tat, I was able to convince B to run the Baltimore Half with me. Thankfully, she just received her notification that she gained entry from the wait list.

It's on like Donkey Kong. My long runs have been slow and with intermittent walking breaks, but so far I've been feeling pretty good on my runs.

Except for the half marathon I ran on 9/11/11. I got tangled up with a group of runners trying to avoid a massive mud spot on a trail and I got clipped by a guy behind me. I SLAMMED my hip and knee into the ground and actually had to walk quite a bit for the rest of the race. On the plus side, this happened after mile marker #8, so it wasn't like I had that much farther to go.

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