Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Help me!

Seriously, I need help.

I have two sets of lovely, double windows in my house. One set in my living room and the other set in my soon-to-be guest room. Look at the picture above closely and you might notice that the window frame runs smack dab into the corner of the wall. How the heck am I supposed to put up a cool curtain rod above the window when the wall is right there? That means I either can't have a decorative end on one end or no decorative ends at all. That sucks and I'm not happy.

I became even more upset as my pathetic and useless attempt to track down Roman Shades have left me window fixture-less for over two months now. Why hello neighbors! I didn't think it was so bad until I came home the other night and realized from the street I could see all the way through our house to the dining room, where I could make out the wedding pictures on the back wall. I told the hubs getting curtains up on the front of the house just became top priority. Even more important than the dead tree that may fall on our house at any given moment (Dear Mother Nature: please stop with the major storms!).

After some Googling I thought I was on the right track when I found these lovely custom Roman Shades from a fantastic Dwell Studio fabric. That's when I noticed the price tag.

$306 for one window! And that wasn't even the right size! My windows are over 40 inches wide!!! And I have four of them! $700 for curtains per room is NOT in the budget.

Okay, realize, you don't need a cool custom fabric. Instead, go for a simple linen fabric because that's got to be cheaper.

Really, for that price I might as well get the cooler fabric.

I, personally, love this answer in the above website's FAQ:

In a nutshell, I'm screwed. I need help. Please recommend any and all affordable places to get decent Roman Shades. I swear I've looked everywhere, but so far I can't seem to find any fabric shades I like that come in weird sizes. When we bought the house we thought having 8 feet of window space would be so much fun. Lots of light! Big windows!

Stupid windows. This makes me miss our old townhouse with it's four windows total. So what if the dogs love sunning themselves all over the house now. So what if I love reading books in natural sunlight. Totally overrated.

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