Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Way back on August 11, 2007 aka just over four years ago I said, "I do!" to a pretty sweet guy. Unfortunately, on August 8 - 12, 2011 I was scheduled to be down in Puerto Rico, again, for work. Well that just wasn't going to do!

So the hubs tagged along for a few days. We had a very frank conversation in which I outlined that he couldn't get mad at me for working 8+ hour days because that's what I was there to do and the reason he could stay in my hotel room for free.

In the hubster's own words he had a great vacation acting as a "trophy wife." Venturing around shops, hanging out in the pool, laying out, walks along the beach, etc. Although, in typical man fashion he would go gambling in the morning and then that would be his "drinking money" for the day.

Thankfully the guy was sober enough for breakfast on our actual anniversary! I kid, I kid! He had to hop a flight home later that day, but it was sweet to go out for breakfast overlooking the ocean. Not too shabby.

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