Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The pups are running amuck!

The hubs and I were very fortunate that we closed on our house on Friday, June 3rd and our rental lease didn't end until June 30th. That gave us almost an entire month to clean up our previously vacant and foreclosed upon house, move our stuff, and then clean up our rental.

We were also insanely fortunate that once we had installed the new door locks on our house we were able to bring over the dogs well because we owned the place! Our intention was to bring them over as much as possible that way they could get as comfortable with the house and feel like they were home themselves. We knew we'd be moving them in on a Saturday and then leaving them all home alone on Monday morning while they went to work. Actually, the hubs went to work and I hopped on a flight to Puerto Rico.

Note to self: next time you buy a house, don't leave on a work trip less than 48 hours after moving in. The hubs will make a few comments about how he's unpacked more than you.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. I remember when we first moved from our little apartment in Newark to our duplex in Towson. The dogs were amazed by the stairs in our house. They ran up and down the stairs for hours on end and it was exhausting just to witness. There was no need to take them for a walk because they would wear themselves out on their stair workouts.

With that in the past, we were kind of curious of how they would react to a much bigger place. Well, here's the video to show you.

I cut off the video in the end because you can imagine what Jax continued to do once the camera was turned off. He has a few "favorite" trees and likes to rotate between them.

Hopefully, we can get some grass growing in the backyard next year and then we'll all enjoy running around like a crazy person.

The dogs have been great over these past six years with all the moving we've put them through. This is their fourth place of residence and very sadly it'll be their last. I promised myself I wouldn't think like that, but it's true. We're going to make this the best darn house for them possible because they deserve it.

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