Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Perfect timing

I'm normally a slightly crazy person and I have our dinners roughly mapped out for the week. It's pretty easy to switch days around for the most part, but most of the time I stick with my plan.

Last night wasn't one of those nights. I was insanely hungry and chicken ceasar salad wasn't going to cut it for my appetite. I looked at the hubs and he immediately chimes in with, "let's order Chinese food!" The guy loves Chinese food and anytime we order out that's what he wants go get. I ignored the fact that we just had chicken stir-fry over the weekend and my stomach told me I wanted Chinese food.

Thank goodness I listened to the hubs for once. Right after we ordered our food it started pouring outside. Then, twenty-two minutes after we ordered the power went out. Whew, good thing we ordered food because cooking in my dark kitchen didn't look like fun. Three minutes later, our tasty Chinese food arrived. Mmmmm.

Our power was out for over three hours, so it looks like we timed our order perfectly. The Chinese place is just down the street and they lost power as well. We definitely lucked out last night.

1 comment:

  1. Wow are you ever lucky! If I had it in my head I wanted Chinese, after deciding against a salad, I'd die if I didn't get it! :)