Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I may have a problem

I made another purse.

Okay, technically, I made two purses. See, I bought some very pretty fabric and there was only another half of a yard left on the bolt. So of course I went ahead and purchased the remaining fabric for 50% off the retail price. That extra fabric allowed me to mess up royally and still have plenty of fabric to cover up my sewing shortcomings.

Anyway, I saw this adorable pleated purse over on How About Orange. Jessica makes it sound like she's not the best sewer in the world, so I figured that this might be a somewhat safe project for me to tackle. The pattern found on My Spare Time is really easy to follow and free to download (score!).

I had every intention of giving the finished project to my best friend, but that didn't happen. Let's be honest, I'm somewhat of a crazed perfectionist and I know my friend's mom is a phenomenal sewer. Therefore, in my mind there was no way I could give my friend a bag that had uneven seams and some odd fabric match ups. So, I kept the bag for myself. BUT, I decided that the bag is still super cute and with my extra fabric I should definitely make another bag.

I took my time, learned from my previous errors and didn't even have to use my seam ripper once (which is a drastic change from my first attempt). The finished product was super cute. As in too cute that it made me hate my first bag and I had to get that new bag out of my house ASAP!!!

(insert bright idea light) Mmmm, I should give this bag to my mom for a Mother's Day present. I had that idea while I was making it, but I kept doubting myself. Really, I thought I was a bit old to be giving my mom a handmade present. Then, I got thinking and thought it was actually kind of endearing since my mom did give me the gift card that I used to purchase my sewing machine. Okay, it seemed logical in my mind. Plus, my mom liked her gift. Ha! Victory is mine!!!

Apparently, I'm a sucker for pleated purses. This bag is much bigger than the famous Buttercup Bag and I'm amazed with how much stuff I can cram into this baby.

Closeup of the fabric, which I fell in love with at first sight.

So here's my problem, I'm somewhat of a purse whore and I'm worried that if I keep making my own purses that my hubs and sister may stop buying me nice purses. I don't know if I'm quite ready to have my designer purse fix drastically cut, but I really do enjoy sewing. I'm already eye balling a few Amy Butler patterns. Eeeek!


  1. This purse is very fashionable. I really like it. Don't worry... as long as I can afford it, you'll still get a designer purse every Christmas. A woman can never have too many purses.

  2. Wow I totally love the purse! Fab job, the style is so perfect, and the fabric too. Score on the free pattern. I'm a complete purse whore can never have too many... =)