Monday, July 2, 2012

Storms, Heat, Humidity, and the weekend

Don't you hate when there's bad weather on the weekend?  Especially when the weather turns violent at the beginning of the weekend like it did in the Baltimore/DC area on Friday night.  Mother Nature tried to break up a major heat wave with a nasty summer storm and all that happened was a lot of destruction.

Our house was spared from any major damage, but my stomach was churning on Friday night because we had a new roof put on our house last week. The hubs thought it was silly because, "this is the one time we're good to go ... it's all under warranty at this point!" Thankfully, we only had bunch of smaller tree branches and one decent sized limb that came down.  Others in the area weren't quite so fortunate and it's expected that some folks will be without power for close to a week!

So yes, we spent a lot of time this weekend inside and as far away from the heat as possible! The pups, well let's just say they wanted to pick up sticks in the yard any time they could!

We started up some home renovation projects inside and venture out to the mall for a bit on Saturday.  I think the highlight of that trip was watching the fish feeding at Bass Pro Shop.  I know the hubs wasn't psyched for my awesome score at the Nike store, but I wasn't thrilled that he was checking out a smoker either.  Sure I got a weird look at the Nike store for buying running capris in 100 degree heat, but come on, they were $17 a pair!

I think these sunflowers sum up the weekend perfectly: red hot!

What did you get into over the weekend?

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