Monday, July 16, 2012

Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington DC: Trifecta complete

One of the reasons the hubs and I bought a house where we did is because we live in the little triangle between Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC.  We're 15 minutes from Camden Yards, 25 minutes from the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, and 45 minutes from Verizon Center.  We can get our sports fix in under an hour for every major sporting event Maryland/DC can offer!

Saturday I went for the trifecta and spent some time in each city.  Started off bright and early for a 13 mile run in Annapolis where it absolutely poured for the last five miles.  Honestly, running in a downpour was such a relief after running in ridiculously hot temperatures the week before.

Then in the afternoon the hubs and I met up with friends for a brewery tour at Heavy Seas on the south side of Baltimore. Learning about the beer making process while sampling on locally brewed beers was a 90 minutes well spent in my book.

Finally, the hubs and I ended our night at Verizon Center catching the Michael Jackson "The Immortal World Tour" by Cirque Du Soleil.  The hubs is not only a huge Michael Jackson fan, but he's seen almost every Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas.  It was the perfect end to a Saturday night to cap off a late birthday celebration.

So yes, on Saturday I hit up all the major cities in the Maryland area.

And on Sunday I was lazy and watched the hubs pitch a hell of a game.  I came thisclose to getting absolutely DRILLED by a foul ball and I'm still not sure how I got the heck out of the way.  The hubs was pitching and the umpire said, "wow, that could have hurt and that lady looks pissed."  The hubs responded, "that's my wife."  I told the people I was sitting with, "just watch as soon as this game is over he (the hubs) is going to give me hell about not catching that foul ball."  Sure enough, that's what happened.  Although in privacy later he told me that I probably would have broken a few fingers if I tried to catch that thing because it was moving!

Overall: a great weekend!

What did you get into this weekend?


  1. Maryland sounds fun! Im not the biggest cirque du soleil fan but it really is pretty cool! that sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

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