Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kelly St. Patrick's Day Shamrock 5K

Ladies and gentlemen... the hubs has a 5k PR!

On Sunday, the hubs and I joined 4,998 other Shamrock themed runners to run the Kelly St. Patrick's Day Shamrock 5k in Baltimore. Now, we recognized a vital mistake that we made last year. Traditionally, I don't wear a race shirt at the actual race, but during last year's 5k the hubs and I quickly realized we were in the minority of folks not wearing the green race shirt. However, this year the race shirt was a very nice, albeit bright, neon green, long-sleeve Brook's technical shirt. While I love the shirt, the weather was a nice and unseasonably warm 65 degrees on Sunday. So I bucked the trend and wore last year's short-sleeve shirt and the hubs wore this year's long sleeve edition.

Now, in my mind this particular race is not run for time. The instructions yelled out at the beginning of the race were as follows:
"If you think you are really fast, then stand on the front line. If you're going to be looking for a chair during the race then head to the back of the pack."

Yeah, it's one of my biggest pet peeves about races when people who line up where they shouldn't be. Look, I'm not fast. If I'm going to pass you a quarter of a mile in and you're walking, then perhaps you need to move to the back of the pack.

30 seconds into the race I realize that I wouldn't be running a fast time during the race. There were so many people that the hubs and I started out at an 11 minute mile pace because we were hopping around so many people. It was frustrating. The hubs however, had a chance to run a PR and that's what we went with that goal.

After the race, we met up with friends at Power Plant Live! and enjoyed the post-race festivities. Look, a race in which you're allowed to walk up to the beer line and get handed as many cans of beer as you can carry is an okay race in my book.

The hubs and I were tickled pink to see that one of our friends made it into the Charm City Run photos from the race. He's the guy in the middle area wearing a court jester hat!

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