Friday, March 23, 2012

Catbird Love

It seems that the longer I live away from where I grew up, the more proud I become to say, "I was born in Jersey, grew up in New York." If someone wants to infer from that statement that I grew up in New York City, then they're gravely mistaken, but that's not the point I'm trying to make at the moment. Please note that Manhattan Island isn't even on the necklace :)

With a bit of extra birthday money in my bank account due to the exceptional generosity of family members I pulled the proverbial trigger and added this beauty from Catbird to my small, but growing, jewelry collection.

I was beyond excited when this necklace showed up in my mailbox last week. I've been wearing it ever since, which means I should probably brush my hair at some point and take a picture of me wearing it!

It's lovely and delicate, which is the exact opposite of the perception of people from NY/NJ.

Oh, the absolute best thing about this necklace? It's made in the good ol' USA in Brooklyn to be exact.

I actually found Catbird through Pinterest and when I pinned the necklace one of my friends from Brooklyn raved about the store. I'm completely addicted and I'm eyeing quite a few things. I may or may not have signed up the hubs on their email list. Although, the guy doesn't need an email list to see that I'm completely smitten. :)

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